Blue blue eyes

Here’s a series from my last weekend’s shoot with Nina. I hope you like it. Follow me on facebook!



I got really lazy in uploading new pictures and I’m going to change that right now. I took so many photographs I didn’t already share with you. Here are some of flowers and nature which I seperated into four different colors. I hope you like them all!

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99 red Balloons

It is spring now and the last week the weather was so great. I decided to celebrate this with some really colorful balloon photographs. The model was brilliant and it was a great afternoon al in all!

Bye bye winter!

It’s getting warmer every day and even when the days are still wet and grey I find more time to photograph. Here are some shots from a trip we made the last weekend just to enjoy the weather! I hope you like it!

Golden Hour

Finally!A new post! In winter I do not really find time to photograph regulary because when I come home from work it’s already dark and the weekends are quite busy. Now the days are getting longer again and sometimes I can catch the rest of the day’s light. So here are some photographs I took while sunset. I hope you enjoy it. If you like it leave a comment and see my new facebook site. Don’t forget to hit the „Like“ – Button 😉

Autumn flowers

These are the flowers grown in my boyfriend’s parents‘ garden. Their garden is still so colorful while our own garden is not so flowery anymore. I will miss all the beautiful flowers of summer but I’m looking forward to take some nice colorful autumn shots!

Sail away

A few weeks ago we went to a nearby lake where a lot of sailors enjoyed the last warm days of summer. I just took a couple of photographs cause the place where we went to was not the nicest one.It was just next to a street where every 20 seconds a motorcycle came by and made this terrible noise and stink. The pictures look so much nicer than it really was, but I’m happy I got those ones and that it wasn’t all for nothing.


A few days after my birthday my boy and me went out to take some photographs. I gave my other Canon to him and taught him how to use it. I think he fell in love with photography,too 😉 It was a really summery day and I just love how the85mm shows the world!